Welcome to Gals of Gainesville

output_GXyWHb-2 I have always loved slumber parties.  As an elementary schooler, “Sleepover” made it close to the top of Ansley’s Favorite Movies List.  I love sharing secrets and gossiping about boys and eating waffles late at night.  I love snuggling up in blankets and pillows and gasping for air when whispers turn into fits of uncontrollable giggles.

Because I am now a University of Florida sophomore/actual adult, it is no longer socially acceptable for me to jump on beds and read trashy teen magazines. While I still occasionally do the former, I rose above the latter — thankfully — about five years ago.  I am not giving up slumber parties, though.  The conversations reserved for those late nights and early mornings will be published on this blog.

I’m bringing the voice of UF gals to the Internet.

I want to know what girls think about everything, partially because I am one and mostly because Girl World is so weird.  This blog will look at women’s issues — from the serious, like what feminism really means, to the lighthearted, like why we are all basic — from Gainesville girls’ perspectives.  Let’s talk about what makes us, as individuals and as women, overjoyed, livid and just plain confused.  Let’s take on Girl World from our corner of Gainesville.  Let’s connect with one another.  Let’s start a Girl Talk revolution.

I’m calling all Gals of Gainesville to join the conversation.


Photos taken by my dear friend, Lindsay Alexander.